Nagios keeps watch at KCI Konecranes

Seclan Oy constructed IT maintenance system for KCI Konecranes based on
open source solution. Low cost and adaptability convinced KCI
Konecranes that Seclan’s Nagios-based offer was the best one to fill
the needs of the company.

The whole case study is available only in Finnish.

Turva-Tane filtering Internet traffic

by Xetpoint Oy is utilized in filtering web traffic in province-wide
network of Northern Karelia. The solution is based on open proxy server
Squid and filter extension squidGuard. With 13 200 workstations and 17
000 users in the network, filtering unwanted traffic has a huge effect
on both usability and security of the network.

The whole case study is available only in Finnish. To read it, click the ”suomeksi” link in the top navigation.

Linux succeeds at schools

Linux based client-server system is cost efficient and fits to the
school environment perfectly. With a centralized solution maintanance
is easy and tailored desktop for the teaching brings efficiency to the

Vitikkala school in Jämsä decided to order a Linux based client-server system to their new media and computer room.

Pupesoft suits for medical wholesale trade

Open source software Pupesoft proved to be most efficient as wholesale
trader of medical eguipment, Walki Medical Oy, needed a financial
management system. Because the company wanted the system to be
integrated with its current e-marketing environment, ability to
customize the system was a key feature. The software was distributed by
Kilocode Oy.

The whole case study is available only in Finnish. To read it, click the ”suomeksi” link in the top navigation.

Further information:

New information systems created for learning in Kauniainen

Finnish schools in Kauniainen got rid of their IT problems by changing to Ubuntu Linux and LTSP based solution. The solution made it possible to focus on learning and enhance the use of IT in teaching, but to reduce the need of resources at the same time.

The schools bought 120 thin Linux clients and did a service contract with Opinsys Oy, who will be responsible for administrating and developing the system when needed. The system has about 1200 users overall in three schools.


COSS services are targeted for COSS members and their business and technology partners providing, utilizing, or supporting open source products, services, and solutions.



Tekes-logo Tekes and COSS are cooperating to develop the open source research and business.

Public sector

Open source solutions provide the public sector with great opportunities to improve customer service, cut costs and enhance democratic participation of citizens in the information society. Public sector ICT investments also play an important role in the emerging open source market and they can catalyze the adaptation of ICT in this sector to the face the challenges of an open world.

Current public sector themes within COSS include

COSS kommentoi CAMSS-ehdotusta

COSS on antanut 15.9. lausunnon EU:n komission CAMSS-ehdotuksesta. CAMSS, Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications on IDABC:n osaohjelma, joka tähtää yleiseurooppalaisten standardien ja spesifikaatioiden arviointikriteerien muodostamiseen hallinnon sähköisissä käytännöissä ja toimintatavoissa. Suosituksen laatiminen on nyt lausuntovaiheessa. COSSin englanninkielinen lausunto on ohessa PDF-asiakirjana.

COSS Comments on CAMSS Proposal

CAMSS is an initiative of the European Commission’s IDABC programme that aims to initiate, support and coordinate the collaboration between volunteer Member States in defining a “Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications” and to share the assessment study results for the development of eGovernment services. The CAMSS specification is now in draft phase. COSS commented the draft with the paper enclosed as PDF file.

Openmind 2008

COSS is organising the 5th Openmind conference in association with the MindTrek conference. Openmind 2008 will be held on MindTrek’s workshop day on Tuesday October 7th. The conference opens new horizons to the power and potential of open source in the global economy and discusses the topical issues related to open source business and technology – even beyond software.

GUADEC ja aKademy -konferensseja haettu Tampereelle

COSS on yhteistyökumppaneineen hakenut isännyyttä vuoden 2009 GUADEC- ja aKademy -konferensseille. Jos ehdotus hyväksytään, järjestetään konferenssit ensimmäistä kertaa yhtenä tapahtumana kesä-heinäkuun vaihteessa 2009, tapahtumapaikkanaan Tampereen yliopisto ja sen lähiympäristö.

GUADEC (Gnome Users and Developers European Conference) on nimensä mukaisesti Gnome-käyttäjien ja kehittäjien vuodesta 2000 järjestetty vuosittainen konferenssi.
aKademy puolestaan on KDE-yhteisön vuosittainen tapahtuma, joka on järjestetty vuodesta 2003.

Proposal to host GUADEC and aKademy conferences

COSS, along with its partners, has sent a proposal to host both GUADEC and aKademy conferences on summer 2009. If the proposal is accepted, the conferences will be held united in the University of Tampere and its surroundings on late June and early July next year.

GUADEC (Gnome Users and Developers European Conference) has been held annually since 2000.

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