Akademy 2010

Akademy is the annual meeting of the KDE community. This year, Akademy will be held in Tampere, Finland 3-10th July 2010. It is organised by KDE e.V. and COSS.

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Organizes COSS’ activity in education sector. EduCOSS acts as a forum for schools and education officials while collecting and distributing information about Open Source projects.
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Summer Code

Annual campaign, that aims to support Finnish Open Source -knowhow by financing small scale programming projects.
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Translating and adapting software and other products for the local enviroment. Very important for lowering the threshold for using Open Source -products in public sector.
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A forward-looking international conference focusing on openness in business, technology and innovation, is held annually in Finland, the birthplace of Linux. Openmind is an open forum for 200 open source professionals, community members and academics.
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A vast cross-scientific project coordinated by Technology Centre Hermia, which will enhance the technical skills and knowledge of the people working in SMBs in greater Tampere area, so that the companies will be able to face the challenges of the global competition.
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