About COSS


COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions is a non-profit association that promotes open source, open data, open standards and APIs. Internationally COSS is known as one of the oldest and most active centres for openness.

COSS operation is based on far-reaching cooperation, communication and creating networks.

The objective of COSS is to strengthen the competitiveness of Finland’s software intensive industries, promote the growth and internationalization of open source businesses and reinforce the development of the Finnish information society with the support of open technologies and communities.


International partners



OBOOE (The Open Business Organisation of Europe) is a network,
that connects internationally operating open source -organizations and
represents Europe’s OSS-professionals.
Open Source Observatory supports development of open source
applications and solutions and co-operation between countries and
information and software exchanging. OSOR networks also with
national information storages aiming to create Europe-
wide open source information storage interface.
COKS logo COKS the Slovenian Open Source Competence
Centre and Software Repository, was launched in October 2007.
It provides informations and offer support to the Slovenian users
of Open Source software, both in the public and the private sector.
The letters COKS stand for “Center Odprte Kode Slovenije” – English
translation is “Open Source Centre Slovenia”. We represent first
and one of the main national centers of open and free information
society with a strong commitment to quality, innovation and open standards.
Agenda logo Agenda d.o.o. is the leading Slovenian provider of IT
solutions and services, which are focused predominately on Open Source
technologies and software. With full support of the Open Source philosophy
we encourage end users to use those in their environments. We are
fully committed to Open Source and are a key Slovenian promoter
and supporter of the development of modern open technologies.