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Data Driven Business creates added value and welfare using analytics and service design

The aim of the program Data Driven Business (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä, DOB) is to help companies exploit data analytics and service design to create new services. The program started 1.8.2016 and will end 31.12.2017. An innovation platform combining data analytics and service design is to be customized and piloted in three working packages. The tools and methods as well as best practises will be customized as DOB toolbox which will be disseminated under open license.

In the working package Aviapolis, services for travellers open and owned data is to be analyzed for insights, which will be turned into new services in Helsinki-Vantaa airport using service design events and hackathons.

Good long life for seniors is in search of factors to drive long life. Various research data sources will be analyzed for insights which will be turned into new services and business. Mydata applications will be developed as well as healthy neighbourhood in City of Oulu.

Data Driven Insights and Business training course will update ICT companies’ competencies and strategies geared by analytics and service design. Three courses will be run to educate analytics and service design. The companies will practise their new competencies with real life case project together with their customers and partners creating new services.

The organization in charge of the the program is University of Tampere. COSS association (the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions) is in charge of operations and of DOB training course. Other parties are University of Oulu (Good Long Life), City of Vantaa (Aviapolis). Other parties are Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and TIEKE (Information Society Development Centre).

DOB is part of national 6Aika -program and the program gets funding from European Regional Development Fund, Ministry of Traffic and Communications, Tredea Oy and Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy.


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