Past projects

ALHO (Use of Open Source software in Public Administration)

COSS produced an Open source procurement guide, which was published as an official Public Administration Recommendation. The recommendation aims to lower IT-buyers’ threshold to take advantage of open source software in public sector’s aquirements.
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FILOSI, the Finnish Linux and Open Source Initiative, was a joint venture of leading academic and industrial organizations to boost open source technology research and development in Finland.
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OSSI was a research project about managing Open Source solutions as an integrated part of business.
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Operet (Open Source Region Tampere) was an ESF-funded competence development program. The program runned from April 1, 2006, to December 31, 2007.
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ServOSS research project combined open source, business models for service business and globalization.
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In 2007, COSS organized a national open source business program for Finnish industry. The Verso Open Source Business Programme was targeted at software providers and companies that are planning or deploying use of open source software in their products and services.
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