02.02.2009  Uutiset

Openmind, a forward-looking international conference focusing on openness in business, technology and innovation, is held annually in Finland, the birthplace of Linux. Openmind is an open forum for 200 open source professionals, community members and academics.

The conference opens new horizons to software business and discusses the topical issues related to open source business and technology.

Openmind will be held on September 30th 2009 in Tampere in association with the MindTrek conference.

Summercode 2009

  02.02.2009  Uutiset

2009 Summercoders

Tanu Kaskinen: D-Bus Interface for PulseAudio
Akseli Mantila: Banshee shoutcast/streamtuner
Riku Salminen: XCB and OpenGL 3.0

2009 finalist are here!

Tanu Kaskinen
Jussi Kekäläinen
Akseli Mantila
Riku Salminen
Kimmo Virtanen

2009 application period has started!

More info in the FAQ section. Application period ends on 2.3.2009 00:00.

Past projects

  27.01.2009  Uutiset

ALHO (Use of Open Source software in Public Administration)

COSS produced an Open source procurement guide, which was published as an official Public Administration Recommendation. The recommendation aims to lower IT-buyers’ threshold to take advantage of open source software in public sector’s aquirements.
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  12.12.2008  Uutiset

Akademy 2010

Akademy is the annual meeting of the KDE community. This year, Akademy will be held in Tampere, Finland 3-10th July 2010. It is organised by KDE e.V. and COSS.

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Organizes COSS’ activity in education sector. EduCOSS acts as a forum for schools and education officials while collecting and distributing information about Open Source projects.
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Licencing FAQ

  03.12.2008  Uutiset

After this FAQ it’s adviced to also check Free Software Foundation’s GNU License FAQ.

1. If changes are made to GPLv2 or GPLv3 -licenced product, but it’s not distributed, does the source with  changes need to be published?


If the product is only used inside a company, the clauses concerning the distribution of licence are not applied and it’s source does’nt have to published. For this it doesn’t matter if the product has been changed or not.


  03.12.2008  Uutiset

FILOSI, the Finnish Linux and Open Source Initiative, is a joint venture of leading academic and industrial organizations to boost open source technology research and development in Finland.


  03.12.2008  Uutiset

Localization is the adaptation of products or services to the cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific locale. Localization of open source solutions is especially important for users from SMEs and the public sector.

COSS aims to improve the cooperation between different localization projects and promotes localization work for different actors. Development of localization occurs through work with projects, communities, companies, researchers, and public bodies.


  02.12.2008  Uutiset

EduCOSS aims its activities at consulting schools in relation to usage of open source software. EduCOSS collects and distributes information about OS projects in the fields of teaching and education. EduCOSS provides a forum for organizations working in the field of education to compare and exchange information about actors (e.g. solution providers) in the field. The research group of EduCOSS develops custom open-source-based ICT solutions together in collaboration with schools. It also evaluates economic and educational views of the deployments.

License Helpdesk

  02.12.2008  Uutiset

COSS License Helpdesk is a flexible, fast and effective advisory service for COSS business members. The package includes:

  1. Assessment of the client’s problem
  2. Basic legal advice
  3. Recommendation for actions and financial assessment

The service doesn’t include the preparation of documents, contracts, etc.

The service is available in regular office hours by e-mail: helpdesk@coss.fi. It is offered free of charge for COSS business members