Proactum Open Meet Up

Update your calendars once again: next Proactum Open Meet Up event will be held on Tue 28th of September 2010 traditionally in Pub Angleterre (Fredrikinkatu 47, Helsinki) starting at 17:30.

The next speaker is Henrik Ingo who published his first book “Open life: The Philosophy of Open Source” in 2006. This book spotlights the people, businesses, values and practices of the Open Source world. In assessing its development Open Life recounts over 60 case-study-like stories that illuminate exactly what is so miraculous and wonderful in this new paradigm for producing software.

Little bit more information of Henrik´s background: While working for a training company called Tieturi Henrik taught a multitude of Internet and Open Source related programming languages. In January 2008 He moved to MySQL which was then acquired by Sun Microsystems and later Oracle. Today he continues his MySQL career at Monty Program Ab working on the free community developed as a alternative to MySQL called MariaDB.

Please join listening Henrik´s interesting and experienced thoughts under the following theme: “Open core – What is an open source business model and what isn´t? And who cares?

Proactum Open Meet Up is free of cost. Three drinks will be provided for those that have pre-registered and two drinks for those who show up in the bar. The sponsor for this next event is Novell.

Register now to our next event and contribute to the open and unofficial discussions during the evening. Registration is easy by RSVP or just send e-mail to yhteys @ and join the event!

And do pass the word to your colleagues; there is always time and space for one more interesting discussion and one more cold pint.

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