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FILOSI, the Finnish Linux and Open Source Initiative, is a joint venture of leading academic and industrial organizations to boost open source technology research and development in Finland.


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Localization is the adaptation of products or services to the cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific locale. Localization of open source solutions is especially important for users from SMEs and the public sector.

COSS aims to improve the cooperation between different localization projects and promotes localization work for different actors. Development of localization occurs through work with projects, communities, companies, researchers, and public bodies.


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EduCOSS aims its activities at consulting schools in relation to usage of open source software. EduCOSS collects and distributes information about OS projects in the fields of teaching and education. EduCOSS provides a forum for organizations working in the field of education to compare and exchange information about actors (e.g. solution providers) in the field. The research group of EduCOSS develops custom open-source-based ICT solutions together in collaboration with schools. It also evaluates economic and educational views of the deployments.

License Helpdesk

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COSS License Helpdesk is a flexible, fast and effective advisory service for COSS business members. The package includes:

  1. Assessment of the client’s problem
  2. Basic legal advice
  3. Recommendation for actions and financial assessment

The service doesn’t include the preparation of documents, contracts, etc.

The service is available in regular office hours by e-mail: It is offered free of charge for COSS business members


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About Summer Code

WTH is this?
COSS and a number of companies are hiring students to code in open source projects.
And it works exactly how?

Summercode 2006

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Summercoders for 2006 were chosen in a final contest held in Helsinki at 7th of March 2006. The five chosen students got a ”summer job” doing an open source project. The applications gave the students a chance not only to suggest the project of participation, but also the particular tasks. The criteria stressed on business viewpoints though subjects of applications weren’t chosen in advance.

Summercode 2007

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The Summercode 2007 project employs five university students for the summer. Summercoders for this year were chosen at Helsinki University of Technology.

Summercode 2008

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2008 Summercoders have finished their projects

COSS and a number of Finnish companies hired Finnish university students to code in open source projects during summer.

The coders and their projects were:

Antti Kaijanmäki – Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant for NetworkManager
Juuso Alasuutari – Improving the LASH Audio Session Handler
Niklas Laxström – I18n with MediaWiki
Olli Savolainen – Moodle Quiz

Summer Code

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Summer Code Finland is an annual project, which aims to support Finnish participation in significant open source projects and to strengthen the open source competencies that companies need.

2009 Summercoders have been chosen!

Tanu Kaskinen: D-Bus Interface for PulseAudio
Akseli Mantila: Banshee shoutcast/streamtuner
Riku Salminen: XCB and OpenGL 3.0

LTSP5 Workshop

  27.11.2008  Events, Tapahtumat

A workshop on Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) version 5 will be organized at the Valamo monastery, Jan 8-9, 2009 Read more (in Finnish):

Press release: Ubuntu Users Satisfied With Summercode Results

  20.11.2008  COSS tiedottaa

Antti Kaijanmäki participated in the COSS Summer Code project and worked on improvements that make mobile networking in Linux easier. The users have praised the new easy networking features first implemented in Ubuntu 8.10. Kaijanmäki’s part is the clickthrough installation of mobile networking. Applications for COSS Summer Code 2009 open in January.

TKK and IT Mill cooperating

  18.11.2008  Jäsenet tiedottavat

The Finnish RIA (Rich Internet Application) programming education takes a leap forward, as IT Mill offers its Mill Toolkit RIA development product for the Helsinki University of Technology. The tool is based on open source and it is used in RIA user interface programming education, where the students get the task to develop an open source RIA application.

More information:
CEO Joonas Lehtinen, IT Mill, 040 503 5001,
joonas.lehtinen (at),
Professor Sasu Tarkoma, TKK, 050 384 1517, sasu.tarkoma (at)

TKK ja IT Mill yhteistyöhön

  18.11.2008  Jäsenet tiedottavat

Suomalaisen RIA-ohjelmointiosaamisen tasoa kohotetaan

Suomalainen RIA(Rich Internet Application)-ohjelmointikoulutus ottaa askeleen eteenpäin, kun pohjoismaiden ainoan RIA-ohjelmointityövälineen valmistaja, suomalainen IT Mill, tarjoaa työvälineensä Teknillisen korkeakoulun käyttöön. Tänä syksynä järjestettävä Codecamp-intensiivikurssi käyttää avoimen lähdekoodin IT Mill Toolkit -tuotetta RIA-käyttöliittymäohjelmoinnin opettamiseen.