COSS ja OpenForum Europe vahvistavat yhteistyötä


COSS on liittynyt OpenForum Europen (OFE) kumppaniksi tukeakseen OFE:n työtä avoimen lähdekoodin ja avoimuuden edistämiseksi sekä vahvistaakseen kansainvälistä yhteistyötä ja verkostoja Euroopan tasolla.

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COSS joins OpenForum Europe to strengthen cooperation

COSS has joined OpenForum Europe (OFE) as a partner to support OFE’s work towards open source and openness in ICT as well as strengthen international cooperation and networks on the European level.

“Together with our members, we are excited to have the opportunity to strengthen the cooperation with OFE and continue working together towards common goals. Through this closer partnership we continue the active communication and exchange of information as well as strengthen our involvement in various European initiatives to promote open source solutions”, states Timo Väliharju, Executive Director of COSS.

“OpenForum Europe is delighted to partner with COSS in our mission to advance open source and openness in ICT across Europe. This partnership is a testament of the need to coordinate the great work done across the EU Member States with the Brussels policy dialogue”, states Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Executive Director of OpenForum Europe.

About OpenForum Europe
OFE is an independent, not-for-profit think tank providing innovative thinking and comment on key aspects of Digital/ICT within a core competence of ‘openness’. Its focus is on Brussels, where it maintains a full time office providing policy analysis, advice and input not only to its supporters, but with the European Commission, Council and Parliament. OFE draws its support both from global suppliers from industry, from local SME and community organisations, and through its participation in projects. OFE is also supported by its global network (some 60+ strong) of OpenForum Academy Fellows, each peer-appointed and drawn from both academia and operational practice, who collectively represent the best in innovative thinking within key areas of interest.
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Timo Väliharju
Executive Director, COSS

Astor Nummelin Carlberg
Executive Director, OpenForum Europe


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