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COSS is a national Finnish development centre for open source competence and business.

The aim of COSS is to promote the use of open source software in business and accelerate the development of the information society.

In order to achieve that goal, COSS explores various ways of exploiting open source software in different fields of business and user groups, and fosters co-operation between OSS developers and users. COSS offers its members a range of business development and support services, consisting e.g. of counselling and information services, events, initiation of research and development projects, and networking services.

COSS acts as a non-profit development program, jointly funded by the private and public sector, and operated by Technology Centre Hermia Ltd. If required, COSS can link its activity to that of other organizations and legal entities. The resources and funds acquired by COSS are only used for the activities of COSS and the services that they require. COSS keeps separate accounts of its finances.

Technology Centre Hermia Ltd. appoints the director responsible for the activities of COSS. COSS’s activities are guided and monitored by a steering committee, which consists of sponsoring business members, other major providers of funding, representative of Technology Centre Hermia Ltd, and one representative of the business members elected once every two years at the annual meeting of business members. Technology Centre Hermia Ltd may decide on the development of organizational form of COSS, in accordance with the requirements of the membership, the activities and interest groups.


Members of COSS can be companies, organizations, public sector bodies and private persons who are utilizing or intend to utilize open source software and development models in their own operations, or who may provide services for such entities.

The membership organization appoints a contact person who acts as the representative of the member. If necessary, the organization can appoint more than one COSS contact person.

Membership begins when COSS has approved the member’s application and the applicant has paid the membership fee. The membership fee is set according to the type of membership and the number of employees in the organization, unless agreed otherwise. The membership fees are published on the COSS website When joining, the member accepts the rules concerning COSS membership. Membership conditions and annual fees are confirmed at the annual meeting of business members.


COSS has three types of membership: registered member, business member and sponsoring business member.

A member can use the services provided by COSS in accordance with the description of services maintained at the COSS website. Services are being continually developed, and a separate charge is made for some services.

COSS reserves the right to change the membership conditions or conditions related to services. An updated version of this document is available at the COSS website.


Membership of COSS is valid for one year at a time and continues without a separate notice being issued. A member can terminate his/her membership of COSS by giving notice of this in writing, by telephone or by sending an e-mail to the COSS contact person, whose contact information can be found on the COSS website. Notification of membership termination must be delivered to COSS on or before 31 August
each year, whereupon membership ends at the beginning of the following year.

COSS has the right to dismiss a member or refuse his/her access to services if that member does not observe the rules or decisions of COSS, or otherwise acts against the interests of COSS. COSS can also terminate a membership if COSS’s activities change essentially or are wound up.

Membership is terminated as soon as COSS has sent notification of membership termination to the member. COSS sends such notification based on the contact information supplied by the member, either by post or by e-mail.


Membership information is treated confidentially. Such information is neither published nor forwarded without permission. The member decides him/herself what information about the company and its products he/she wishes to publish in COSS’s company and service directories on the COSS website.

After joining, each member receives a username and password for COSS’s web-based service. These codes are user-specific and meant only for the use of the contact person appointed by the member company. The member is obliged to keep his/her contact information up-to-date. Use of the service with the member’s username or password is assumed to have been made by the member, unless clearly indicated otherwise.

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