Invitation to join the EduCloud Consortium

EduCloud (koulutuksen pilviväylä) is a pioneering operations and technology model in which a national ecosystem is built to unite the users and buyers as well as the developers and service providers of educational services. The concept joins together diverse players in a win-win manner by employing community development and open source principles.


The Purpose and Operations of the Consortium

  • Being responsible for the maintenance, administration and developmental coordination of the EduCloud
  • Steering the open source community in which the development of the EduCloud is done
  • Acting as a cooperation body unifying the disconnected Educational ICT field in Finland
  • Acting as an export promoter as a part of national export functions, such as Team Finland, offering Finnish providers of educational services a uniform concept to advance their export


Benefits of the Consortium Membership

  • A common brand for the high-quality educational services of the members by combining the top know-how of Finnish education and the open community development model
  • New business prospects by the means of open community and open source
  • A chance to steer the development of the EduCloud according to own business strategy
  • Position in the forefront of the development of educational services
  • Involvement in the improvement and advancement of the Finnish education export
  • Opportunities for cooperation with Estonia and eventually other countries


The Operations and Future of the Consortium

The founding phase of the consortium spans until the end of 2014. The consortium assembles May 9th and May 19th 2014 to outline its management policies and principles. Detailed information will be sent to the joining organizations separately.

The aim is to establish the operation from the beginning of year 2015. At that point the members of the consortium will define the future administrative and operational principles for both the EduCloud consortium and community.


Membership Models

Companies and communities can join the consortium as per the following membership models. The fee payable at this point covers a seat in the founding phase, the right to participate in the decision making during this phase (1 vote per company, 5 votes per central organization) and the membership of the consortium for the year 2014.


1. Startups

  • Active for less than 3 years
  • Price: 1 500 €

2. Small companies

  • Active for over 3 years
  • Under 10 million € turnover
  • Price: 3 000 €

3. Big companies

  • Active for over 3 years
  • Over 10 million € turnover
  • Price: 10 000 €

4. Large-scale enterprises

  • Active for over 3 years
  • Over 50 million € turnover
  • Price: 20 000 €

5. Central organizations and trade unions

  • National central organizations and trade unions such as VKL (The Federation of the Finnish Media Industry), AKAVA (The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland),  SAK (The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions), OAJ (Trade Union of Education in Finland) etc.
  • Price: 100 000 €

6. Institutes of higher education

  • Universities, universities of applied sciences and other parallel communities including non-formal education
  • Price: 7 500 €

7. Municipalities / federations of municipalities

  • Price: 10 000 €

8. Others

  • Price: 10 000 €


How to join?

Those interested in joining the consortium are to contact either Jarkko Moilanen or Timo Väliharju by May 8. Contact information can be found at the end of the invitation.

The following information is needed in writing from each member organization:

  1. The complete name of the organization
  2. Invoicing address
  3. VAT identification number
  4. Membership model (see the above chart, we reserve the right to changes)
  5. Name, email address and phone number of a contact person


Contact Information
Jarkko Moilanen
Project Manager, EduCloud
Ministry of Education and Culture
+358 50 346 0499
Timo Väliharju
Executive Director
COSS – Centre for Open Source Software
+358 50 330 3339


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