Raspberry Pi / Qt Hackday

03.11.2012 12:00 - 18:00
Uusi Tehdas, Väinö Linnan Aukio 15, 3. kerros, Tampere

Hack hack rawr!

It’s time again for some hacking fun with Devaamo. The theme this time is Qt and Raspberry Pi. We will have a couple of presentations/demo (agenda to be added when confirmed) and the rest of the time will be for some hands-on fun.

You can hack QtonPi, Qt on something, or something else on RPi. The possibilities are endless… Bring your own Pi! (although we might have a couple extras for people who don’t have one.)

For more info and to register, please visit


12:00 - 18:00



Uusi Tehdas
Väinö Linnan Aukio 15, 3. kerros

Kartta latautuu...

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