Data-driven Medicine 2013

12.03.2013 08:30 - 17:00
Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere

Open data in Health and Wellness

Where Health and Wellness are concerned, it’s increasingly becoming a question of data. The development of the health system, of new drugs as well as personal well-being depend more and more of it – we are in the midst of an information revolution. The success of open data prepares for fundamental changes in health and wellness by enabling new kinds of transparency and innovations.

Open data affects everyone: individuals want to share they wellness data, communities and governments drive open data initiatives promoting novel business models and services, IT companies redesign their software architecture to meet the needs of open interfaces and open source software. Along with these changes, also small innovative IT companies are able to join global ecosystems as well as to perform global partnering and business.

Visit ”Data-driven Medicine 2013 – Open Data in Health and Wellness” and hear what is going on at the moment in the field of healthcare and wellness with open data. At the same time you will meet other IT, health, wellness, and pharma opinion leaders and professionals from industry and academia.

Data-driven Medicine will take place in Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland, on Tuesday 12 March 2013.

Register to Data-driven Medicine by March 5, 2013.


08:30 - 17:00



Tampere Hall
Yliopistonkatu 55

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