Publication of third issue – International Free and Open Source Software Law Review

London, 17th June 2010:

The Editorial Committee is delighted to announce issue three of the ’International Free and Open Source Software Law Review’ (IFOSS L. Rev.) is now available. IFOSSL. Rev. is a peer-reviewed biannual legal review dedicated to analysis and debate around Free and Open Source Software legal issues.

The latest issue includes the following papers from leading experts:

  • Copyright in Open Source Software – Understanding the Boundaries” by Omar Johnny, Marc Miller and Mark Webbink
  • Lawyers in the Bazaar: Challenges and Opportunities for Open Source Legal Communities” by Luis Villa
  • Package Review as a Part of Free and Open Source Software Compliance” by Martin von Willebrand and Mikko-Pekka Partanen
  • GNU GPL 2.0 and 3.0: obligations to include license text, and provide source code” by Neil Brown
  • Italian Constitutional Court gives way to Free-Software friendly laws” by Carlo Piana

Following the principles of the Free and Open Source Software movement, IFOSS L. Rev. can be freely reproduced by anyone for commercial and non-commercial use. It is available in HTML and PDF format at, and printed copies can also be ordered through the website.

Click here to download the entire issue as a PDF file.

Background and Editorial Committee

The latest issue follows a successful launch in July 2009 and a well-received second issue in December 2009. It continues in the spirit of structured analysis and quality legal reportage that is becoming the hallmark of the publication.

The journal’s Editorial Committee is made up of members of the European Legal Network, a group founded by Free Software Foundation Europe in 2007 to connect legal experts engaging with FOSS. Today, the network is the world’s largest community of lawyers and licensing specialists in the field, containing over 200 specialists from Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

Financing and support:

The Editorial Committee of IFOSS L. Rev. thanks the NLnet Foundation for administrative support, the Mozilla foundation for initial financial support, advertising sponsors Open Invention Network, HP and Blackduck for their current financial support, and Free Software Foundation Europe for establishing the European Legal Network. While none of these organisations has any editorial control over IFOSS L. Rev., their contribution is highly appreciated.


Andrew Katz, Editor: +44 (0) 7970 835001
Amanda Brock, Editor: +44 (0) 780 9389878


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