Proactum listed in the Top 10 of most innovative startup companies in Europe

Guidewire Group in collaboration with Innovate Ventures s.r.l., The City of Zaragoza, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and Informatica El Cortes Ingles organized their fourth Innovate!Europe competition between March and May this year in order to identify the most innovative startup companies in Europe.

Proactum’s Triumphant Journey

Altogether more than 300 companies fom all over Europe took part in the competion. Proactum made it through to the semifinals held in London and succeeded in making its way up to final competition held in Zaragoza, Spain. In the final competition ca. 30 companies were competing to be named the European most innovative startup and Proactum proudly made its way to be nominated for the Top 10.

Proactum launched its new product innovation Proactum Enterprise Platform® on 4th of May, 2009 and introduced it to the audience in the competition. Proactum Enterprise Platform® is an extensible hybrid platform that is now covering e.g. e-Services, portals and document management. In the future it will cover all the generic business ICT needs. There are several innovative additions built on the top of Proactum Enterprise Platform® including intelligent positional, semantic, and situational features. Proactum Enterprise Platform® is a licence fee free and commercially supported product covering its entire life cycle. Therefore it enables cost effective and flexible use of enterprise applications in both private and public sector. Proactum Enterprise Platform® can be deployed on customer’s own infrastructure or offered as a SaaS service (Software as a Service).



Proactum Ltd.
Proactum Ltd. was established by Anneli Koivunen in order to respond to a market need for cost efficient and flexible enterprise ICT solutions. Proactum is now the leading expert on open source (OSS) technologies and enterprise business solutions in its market sector.

Contact information
Pirjo Hannikainen
Managing Director
Proactum Ltd.
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