Naviatech received an international award in Paris

Eight months later, when company officially announced co-operation with Norwegian eZ Systems, Naviatech received an international Rising Star of the Year award awards eZ Conference & Awards-in Paris last week. There was participants from over 20 countries worldwide in the event. At the same time eZ Systems celebrated 10th anniversary and there was 250 people in the Awards ceremony. During this spring Naviatech gained second highest, gold partner level of eZ Publish. Criterias of the award were proven adoption of the eZ Systems partner model, certifications and customer references, and amount of partner points. Overall there were 10 new partners in the competition and four of them were nominated. Toughest competitor for Naviatech was gold partner Grand Union from UK.

”Co-operation with eZ Systems has been very smooth and we have got new customers with right kind of profile. This award is a great recognition for big decision, hard work and concentration on our strategy,” comments Petri Mertanen, CEO of Naviatech, right after Awards ceremony. Naviatech’s decision is regarding to long term change where company’s position has moved from technical software vendor to an Internet marketing and web analytics service company.

”Getting this award shows how well eZ and Naviatech have been working together. In less than 12 months, Naviatech has built strong eZ skills and kick start the Finnish market in a great way. This efficiency shows that they really understand and know content management while always focusing on the value brought to their customers. I would like to thank the whole Naviatech’s team today. eZ is glad and ready to invest more in Finland from now on.” says Bertrand Maugain, eZ Systems’ VP of Marketing, in Paris.

”Cost efficient Internet solutions, measuring and analyzing of different kind of marketing activities are always important to any company, but especially during the recession and decreasing budgets. With eZ Publish and our wide service portfolio we are very competitive and possible co-operation company to any client company in Finland”, says Mertanen.

”Now, we will keep on growing with customers, our partners and whole eZ Publish community. We believe that our sales and growth will continue because we have lot of potential in Finland and demand from customers is increasing because of growing awareness of open source content management systems”, continues Mertanen.

eZ Publish is an open source content management system. Differing from other open source systems eZ Systems is responsible for product development, maintenance and support. With eZ Publish companies can avoid vendor lock-in situations, they can get the CMS for free (GPL license) and they can publish content to multiple channels (e.g. mobile).

eZ Publish includes lots of functionality for managing wide websites with social and e-commerce features. You can integrate the eZ Publish system with ERP, CRM or web-analytics systems easily and you can do also search engine optimization as well. Despite of technical knowledge Naviatech is offering concept and graphic design, content optimization and testing, search engine marketing and web analytics services.

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