COSS works actively on different projects. COSS's projects are Avoin kunta and Mindtrek conference. COSS works as a coordinator on Koodikerho, EduCloud Alliance, and Data Driven Business (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä, DOB) and The Adaptable Learning Paths (Poluttamo) were co-operation projects, where COSS was taking part with many other organizations.

The goal of the different projects is to support activities of the members, increase the amount of knowledge concerning openness and developing ecosystems. website gathers together Finland's public administration IT-projects with open source code that is published on the internet. The purpose of the site is to make finding information easier and to map working solutions. Open sourcecode  is a benefit for public administration and taxpayers.

Avoin kunta is a movement started by COSS and its members to improve functioning and data handling of the municipalities. The movement includes products and services from strategy to improvement projects, everyday actions and service production.

EduCloud Alliance (ECA) is a project started by Finland's Ministry of education and culture for implementing educational cloud service standard (EduCloud). The goal of the alliance is to build state level and aim to be an international ecosystem that connects users of educational services such as buyers, developers and service providers.

Koodikerho is an after school club for children, organized once a week, where they learn the basics of programming. COSS works as a coordinator for the community.

Mindtrek is an annually organized technology conference whose themes are observed from the eyes of openness. For its visitors, Mindtrek offers high-quality presentations, networking with state-of-the-art companies, between future talents and makers, trends of the future, and experiences. is an open and wireless broadband community, which makes it possible for its user to have fast and secure internet access no matter the location or time. By sharing its own access point, users can visit other users access points free of charge.

Data Driven Business (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä) (8/2016 – 12/2017) project strengthens companies' innovation activities by utilizing data analytics and service shaping. In the project, a developed innovation platform is being used for information driven services developing for traveling and assisted living facilities for seniors. In addition the project prepares IT companies for future data-  and service economy.

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The Adaptable Learning Paths (Poluttamo - oma digipolku oppimiseen) (11/2015 – 12/2018) project goal is to offer support for secondary school students for clarifying his/hers future, progressing with studies, and professional growing and developing. The project uses possibilities offered by digital footprints and studying analytics, visual personal studying plans, and equal mentoring and -counseling methods.

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