COSS services are targeted for COSS members and their business and technology partners providing, utilizing, or supporting open source products, services, and solutions.

Among the services offered by COSS are networking and competence development, information services, and business promotion, as well as professional services for open source research, business development, and internationalization.

  • Networking and competence development
    COSS creates networks of global corporations, local SMEs, technology developers, and end users. COSS connects the possibilities of open source technology with the needs and requirements of end users, with the objective of enabling the development and adoption of innovative open source solutions in targeted industries such as embedded devices, telecoms, media, public administration, and education. At specialized seminars, COSS members can get into contact with the leading experts in selected technology and business domains.

  • Information services and business promotion
    COSS offers interlinked directories of world-class open source products and related service providers in Finland. Also, COSS produces case studies of open source deployments that meet the needs of a wide range of customer types through application of open source software and related services. Special events and Web-based media keep the target audiences informed about the latest developments in the open source marketplace. Special attention is paid to various open source business models highlighting the sustainability of open source in business use.

  • Professional services for open source research and business development
    In close collaboration with the leading universities, Tekes, and the EC, COSS activates and coordinates technology- and business-related research activities in Finland. COSS provides services for project creation and management, communication, and dissemination of knowledge. In cooperation with specialist partners such as Finpro, COSS arranges and executes business development programs for the growth and internationalization of Finnish open-source-focused businesses.

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