Pupesoft suits for medical wholesale trade

22.9.2008Moona Salomäki
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Open source software Pupesoft proved to be most efficient as wholesale
trader of medical eguipment, Walki Medical Oy, needed a financial
management system. Because the company wanted the system to be
integrated with its current e-marketing environment, ability to
customize the system was a key feature. The software was distributed by
Kilocode Oy.

The whole case study is available only in Finnish. To read it, click the ”suomeksi” link in the top navigation.

Further information:
http://www.pupesoft.com – Pupesoft
http://www.oscommerce.com – osCommerce
http://www.kilocode.com – Kilocode Oy
http://www.walkimedical.fi – Walki Medical Oy

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