Summercode 2007

The Summercode 2007 project employs five university students for the summer. Summercoders for this year were chosen at Helsinki University of Technology. Janne Kalliomäki produced a graphical interface for Linux backup software, Ville-Pekka Vainio created software for conversion of UNIX man/info pages to MoinMoin wiki syntax, Toni Rikkola worked on a program checking JBoss’s rules and aids in their creation, Niko Kiirala worked to add filters to vector graphics editor Inkscape, and Ville Lindholm developed the Exaile audio player.

In their work, the students could propose both the project and the assignments. While projects weren’t picked in advance, finalists and Summercoders were chosen according to how well-known and commercially viable the main projects are.

Alongside COSS, Summercode 2007 was funded – and the choice of Summercoders done by – IBM, Novell, Nokia Siemens Networks, Google, and Technology Centre Hermia.

Summer Code 2007 collage

Janne Kalliomäki – KBackup

KBackup is a fresh new project started by Janne himself to act as Qt4-based frontend to the command line interfaced backup-manager software. The software includes a wizard mode for creating original configuration file and a tab based interface to edit existing one. A cron scheduling connection is also present.

Niko Kiirala – Inkscape

Niko Kiirala worked on the most advanced open source scalable vector graphics software, Inkscape’s graphical filters, only to name few, feBlend-, feOffset, feTurbulence and feComposite. He also worked rewriting the filter rendering engine and mentored two new Inkscape coders.

Ville Lindholm – Exaile

Ville Lindholm had his hands on Exaile, python/GTK2 based audio player. His accomplishments include adding support to connect to two new CD burning software and improvements and addition of both CD ripping and audio file tag editing. As a final touch Ville improved Exaile’s loading times with large audio libraries.

Tomi Rikkola – JBoss Rules

Toni Rikkola worked on JBoss Drules’, a part of JBoss to separate business logic from infrastructure and presentation logic, Rules Analytic Mode which is a tool made to the people who write the rules. Improving Drools contained improving the model for testing rules and test output and unit testing of the rules themselves, but also the metadata model.

Ville-Pekka Vainio – MoinMoin / man-info

Moinmoin is a Python based wiki software. Man and info are used by multiple Unix-based software projects as the end-user documentation format. For open source projects easy editing of documentation is vital, and wiki techique makes the process faster and more transparent. Ville-Pekka’s project concentrated on importing DocBook XML format to MoinMoin wiki format, implementing sisterdiff and getting documentation from version control system and RPM software packages.

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