Med-e-Tel 2015 conference

22.04.2015 - 24.04.2015 Koko päivä
Luxexpo, 10 circuit de la Foire Internationale, Luxembourg

Benefits of open source software in healthcare

The ISfTeH Working Group on Open Source Software will present and demonstrate the use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) solutions and projects in healthcare settings within a dedicated village at the Med-e-Tel 2015 conference and expo.

The dissemination of knowledge and experience in the area of Open Source and Free Software has a long tradition at Med-e-Tel and has become an integral part of the event. Med-e-Tel 2015 will again feature a FLOSS village right in the central expo area of the conference, in order to facilitate, advance and discuss the utilization of Open Source Software in healthcare. During the three days of the conference, related community projects, non-profit and commercial organizations are invited to present their projects, activities and services to the conference attendees.

For more information and to participate in this village, click

If you would like to make a presentation in the Med-e-Tel conference program about your FLOSS projects, submit your proposal here:


22.04.2015 - 24.04.2015
Koko päivä



10 circuit de la Foire Internationale

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