Server-Driven Rich Web Applications in Pure Java

Server-Driven Rich Web Applications in Pure Java – IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 Now Ready for Production

After over a year in beta and some 1500 fixed issues, IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 is finally ready to provide a stable base for building rich web user interfaces for demanding web applications. The open source development tools for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for immediate download at company website

”After developing this technology since year 2000, I believe that the now released version is the most solid ever and provides a good foundation for serious applications to build on”, explains IT Mill CEO Joonas Lehtinen.

Write Java, Nothing Else

The Release 5 is a major step forward in the evolution of web technologies, a hybrid of the best Java web service development concepts, using Google Web Toolkit, Ajax, and server-side Java to make a pioneering concept for RIA (Rich Internet Application) development come to life.

Developers can build rich web applications easily with Java on the server-side, much like creating regular desktop applications with Swing or AWT. There is no need to know anything about the client-side Ajax code or JSON communications working under the hood.

If the versatile set of standard widgets is not enough, developers can continue coding with Java on the client-side using Google Web Toolkit (GWT). ”You can easily extend the standard widgets and integrate new ones in Java. This is a unique and highly productive combination of technologies”, explains Mr. Lehtinen.

New Products for Developer Productivity

In the next months, the development of IT Mill Toolkit will focus on additional tools on top of the core library. An Eclipse plugin together with visual UI design tools will accelerate the work of the developers and help them build good looking web interfaces to Java enterprise applications more quickly.

”By the end of the summer, we intend to announce several additions to the product package that help developers create and manage IT Mill Toolkit projects.”, tells Mr. Lehtinen.

Open Source to the Core

IT Mill Toolkit is released under the liberal Apache License version 2 – a widely adopted license for open-source tools that allows integration with commercial applications as well as other open source projects. ”Unlike many competitors, IT Mill Toolkit uses the liberal Apache License that has no viral side effects or commercial restrictions”, Mr. Lehtinen summarizes.

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